Everyone in the basketball training world likes to throw around these tactics or ideas like. “Try this one weird trick and you’ll add 10 points to your scoring average,” or “Do this thing and you’ll shoot like Stephen Curry”. There’s a lot methods that people think are going to improve your game.  Whether you want to  make your high school team or improve your athleticism to a level you want. Most of that doesn’t actually matter unless you follow this one thing…

But before I get to that thing, I want to talk about what happens when a hooper tries these tactics. A player will try a method to improve there ball handling, but after a while it just doesn’t have the effect they want. They get tired and frustrated and eventually just stop working on it. They say things like, “I’ve been trying to work on my handles and i’m just not making progress,” or “I can’t get my coach to give me more playing time.” I understand how frustrating that is.

My first question to them is, “How much time is going into improve your game everyday.That’s what really matters.That’s the trick – if you can even call it a trick.

Not two months. Not every weekend for a year. Show up everyday until you see the results you want. If you really want to improving your game, be a lights out shooter, have ball handling like Kyrie Irving – whatever it is, you have to show up every day until you see the results you want.

I actually fell slightly short of my goal of making it to the NBA regular season. But during my journey I was training, conditioning, and weight lifting like a mad man going for my goal. Everyday I put in a lot of work and was privileged to have tryouts with the Pistons and the Bulls. I did not reach my goal but during that time I was a Junior College all-american and lead the nation in scoring. I received about 12 division 1 scholarship offers, horizon league newcomer of the year, all league all three years at Wright State, a ten year professional career, and all kinds of other things. It wasn’t through some crazy drill or trick. I just showed up everyday ready to work.

Show Up Everyday

So if you’re not meeting your goals or if you’re not seeing the results that you want, look at your consistency. How long have you been working to improve your game? And then, are you showing up everyday ready to work?

There’s always the possibility that your just naturally gifted. Maybe you’ll get some level of success early. That’s great if that happens, but plan to commit to putting in your time. Don’t fool yourself into a sense of entitlement or ego. Be a worker.
No one else is going to get the job done for you. This is your dream and you’ve got to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make it happen. Long nights, weekends, and leisure time will be sacrificed to get where you want to go. But when you get there, you’ll see how your hard work paid off.

Becoming successful takes devotion to your craft. Especially when you’re just getting started out. It’s easy to get frustrated with slow growth and want to throw in the towel. Be loyal to your work and it will eventually be loyal to you. Stay committed and be proud of where you are. Show up everyday until you see the results you want.


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