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A friend told me, “Kevin, I have to apologize.”
I said, “Why?”
“Well, it seems like basketball came easy for you. And I didn’t think you worked that hard.”
I laughed…
Nothing comes easy. And if it’s worth having, you’ll have to crawl through a river of feces to get it. Like Andy Dufresne, sorry Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie.
People often think I’m a “natural.”
Thats not the truth.
You see, I became great at basketball because i wanted to become great at it.
I’d buy NBA highlight videos watch them over and over and then I would go to the park and practice those moves all day long.

The high school me

The high school me

I’d practice regularly… including getting up at 5am to go train myself because I heard that Jordan got up at 6am.

And most important: I gave myself time to learn because I knew if I kept at it eventually I’d get good.

To prove it I was cut from my high school JV team twice, and didn’t play high school basketball till my senior year.

I was not good as I could have or should have been.

I didn’t do anything well except I loved the game and was determined to be great at it.
Now compare that to my Senior year where I made all city and all state honorable mention in my only year of high school basketball.

There was a drastic improvement in a very short amount of time… just a few months… but there was still work to do.

A few years later, I led the nation in scoring in junior college.



I was aggressive, played with confidence, and I was looking for weaknesses in the defensive rotation. I was doing everything good scorers should do… and it was showing.

But getting there wasn’t easy.

I remember getting up before school to run 3 miles to improve my conditioning.


I also remember practicing the same move I saw Joe Dumas do to beat Jordan over and over and over again until I got it right.

And I kept working at it.

The Secret to greatness? It’s easier than you think…

Its determination don’t take no for an answer and keep at it until you receive the results you want… and don’t even stop then.
I’d buy educational material. I’d practice. And I’d give myself time to learn what I was doing, so it was ok if I wasn’t good right away.


No matter what you’re goals are: invest in yourself, practice regularly, and give yourself time.

And you’ll thank me later.

Now what I’d love to hear from you is this:

-What’s one thing you used to be bad at that you’re now Great at?

-What did you do to go from “bad” to “great?”
Leave a comment right here and be as specific as possible

This is your chance to brag. So I want to hear all sorts of things!

Thanks for reading.