Go Anywhere Compete Against Anyone

Focus on fundamentals and go anywhere compete against anyone. While at the gym the other day waiting on one of my players to start our training session. I looked to the other end of the court and saw this kid doing a very weird shooting drill. He jumped down did a pushup on the ball, jumped up did a Pierrette and shot a fade away 3pointer.  Being a trainer and wanting to learn as much as possible about training and different methods was intrigued so I kept watching.

When he took a break I introduced myself and asked him about the drill he was doing. I wanted to know what skills he was working on and how he learned it. His response blew my mind, “I’m not sure what it works on but I saw Kevin Durant doing it and he’s pretty good”. This kid could not make right and left handed layups constantly, and here he was doing Durant's workout. I suggested to him that he work on mastering the fundamentals first (like I do to everyone) before he moved on to advanced KD drills. I told him “If you master the fundamentals of basketball you can do anything,  go anywhere, compete against anybody”.

Next I asked him if he knew who the all time NBA’s leader in assist and steals was. He did not know, then I told him the story of John Stockton. A short nonathletic white guy from a small college who played in the NBA for 20 years. He leads the NBA in all time assist and steals. If you google his records no one is close to either record, not Magic, not the big O, not Jason Kidd. He credits his success to focusing on the fundamentals. Stockton had rock solid fundamentals and consistently made the correct play for 20 years. He was also a member of the original Dream Team.

How To Do It?

A lot of people want to work on shooting from deep when you can’t even make layups consistently. And don’t use the skills they do have efficiently. You have to graduate to somethings. People want to automatically dribble like Kyrie Irving before they can dribble confidently with there off hand. You may have some success like that but most likely you’ll be turning the ball over more than making spectacular plays. Its like trying to go to college before you learn to read and write. Your going to have a difficult time with that. The moral of this story is, be like John Stockton focus on mastering the basics before you move on to advanced things. And you can do anything, go anywhere, and compete against anybody.


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