Beat The Pro

Beat the pro is a very fun game that helped me improve a lot while I was growing up. The first benefit was that beat the pro kept me in the gym for long periods of time. I would not leave the gym until I beat Joe Dumars, Dominique Wilkins, or what ever star I was playing against.

The second benefit I got from this game is that it is fun and grew my love for basketball. Days when I didn’t have anyone to play basketball with I would get my ball head to the park and play against Jordan, it was very exciting to me and I would love to play even if I was all by myself.

The another benefit I got from this game is that it made me a better shooter. When I first started playing this game I would lose all the time and that was frustrating so I had to focus on shooting and how to become a better shooter so I could win the game. It made me value every shot If I was going to win I needed every point.

Lastly the game can grow with you. You will never become too good to play beat the pro. If you usually can make 12 shots in a row you should have your pro get 12 point per your miss. That way if you miss one shot you lose. You can also adjust your pro points depending on where your shooting from. If your great at shooting from the elbow your pro can get 4 or 6 points when you shoot from there. If your less efficient shooting threes your pro can get 1 point per your miss.

Beat the pro is a great game and I had a lot for fun playing it and still do. I hope this game can help you take your game beyond your limits. Watch the video below for more info on how to play the game.


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